Mercedes-Benz O405NH
Mercedes-Benz O405NH (CNG)


Custom Coaches 'Citaro'

Seating capacity


Standing capacity


Fuel type


Wheelchair access


Air conditioning



12.5 metres

Number in service


Depot locations

Leichhardt, Port Botany, Ryde

Years entered service



The Mercedes-Benz O405NH is one of the air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible bus models of the Sydney Buses fleet. They have individual fabric seating and electronic destination displays. The O405NH has also been named 'Australian Bus of the Year' twice.


300 buses (fleet numbers 1100-1107, 1109-1160, 1162-1196, 1200-1233, 1236, 1270, 1272 -1405 and 2000) were originally delivered to Sydney Buses in 1999-2002. These buses are located at Leichhardt, Ryde, Port Botany and Waverley depots. Currently, only 299 remain in service because fleet number 1271 was written off in an accident in 2010. The buses are usually used on Inner West routes and several of the buses were used to transport athletes for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

In 2007, cracking was found in the frames. In order to assess the causes and find solutions, 1210 was sent to the manufacturer in Germany and returned to Sydney at the end of 2007. The solution to this problem was to install a diagonal bar across the first passenger window on both sides of the bus. This is visible on the photo to the right.


The buses are powered by CNG and 'Citaro' bodies. These buses were delivered from Germany as a fully constructed frame and panels were fitted by Custom Coaches, so that as many of these buses could be on the road in time for the Sydney Olympic Games. They can seat 45 passengers and are 12.5 metres long. They have M447hG Euro 2 engines producing 175 kW.

A Mobitec ICU400 is fitted in the overhead instrument cluster to control the flipdot displays on the bus. However, as these flip dot displays are very old, they do sometimes have lots of 'dead' dots, making the destination unreadable.


The O405NH buses are painted in the Corporate v1 (blue and white with thin red line), Corporate v2 (blue and white) and TfNSW (light blue and white) liveries.