Route 293 is an express, weekday peak hour, PrePay service which runs from Busaco Road at Marsfield, to Sydney City (Queen Victoria Building), via Epping Road, the Lane Cove Tunnel and the Gore Hill and Warringah Freeways. It supplements the more frequent 292 which instead services Macquarie University, Macquarie Centre and the Macquarie Park business area, and also Epping Road through Lane Cove.

Service Edit

Route 293 only runs in peak direction during weekday peak hours, with six services from Marsfield to the City in the morning peak and seven services from the City to Marsfield in the evening peak. Route 293 is a PrePay service, which means that tickets are not sold on the bus itself and that MyBus tickets and Opal cards are the only accepted method of payment.

Route Map Edit

292 293map