The 438 is one of the bus routes operated by Sydney Buses in the Inner West region. The L38 is the limited stops and prepay-only version of the 438.

Route DescriptionEdit

The 438/L38 goes between Abbotsford and the City (Martin Place) via Five Dock, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Annandale and Railway Square. All 438/L38 buses terminate at Martin Place Station but some outbound 438 buses terminate at Five Dock Shops. Buses on this route are usually from Leichhardt or Burwood depot.

Key Stops & Turns Edit

  • Abbotsford Ferry Wharf (Change for Parramatta River ferries)
  • Great North Rd
  • Five Dock Shops (Change for routes 415, 490-1-2, 439, 460)
  • Ramsay Rd
  • Haberfield Shops
  • Marion St (Change for Light Rail to Dulwich Hill)
  • Leichhardt Marketplace
  • Norton St (Leichhardt Shops)
  • Parramatta Rd
  • Broadway
  • Central Station (Railway Sq)
  • Pitt St
  • Hay St (Belmore Pk, Central Stn)
  • Elizabeth St (Museum Stn)
  • Martin Place


Timetable and MapEdit

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