The M50 is a Metrobus route connecting Drummoyne and Coogee Beach via Victoria Rd, the City and UNSW. It commenced operations on the 31st of October 2010.

Service Edit

As this is a metrobus route, it has no public timetable. During the peaks, it runs every 5 minutes with frequency going down to 10 minutes during the weekday off-peak and 15 minutes on weekends.

As this is a high frequency, high patronage route, the route is almost exclusively run by the Volvo B12BLEA bendy bus painted in Metrobus livery. Most runs are done by Randwick & Leichhardt depot, however, Randwick frequently swaps runs with Port Botany.

Stop List Edit

  • Bayswater Rd, Drummoyne, Taplin Park
  • Lyons and Victoria Rds
  • Victoria Rd & Darling St
  • Druitt St, Town Hall House
  • Park St, Town Hall Stn
  • Elizabeth St, Museum Stn
  • Central Station
  • Cleveland St
  • Anzac Pde
  • High St, UNSW
  • Carr St, Coogee
  • Coogee Beach

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