Routes with numbers beginning with 89 are services operated by Sydney Buses from various locations around the City and Eastern Suburbs to the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

From Central Station Edit

Route 891 Edit

This is the most popular route to UNSW. It runs from Central Station (Eddy Ave) to UNSW, High St Gate 9. It is Prepay Only and runs express via Anzac Pde and Surry Hills, not stopping at any stops along the way. Patronage is very high on this route and, particularly at the start of the semester, there can be a long line for the 891 at Central stretching into Belmore Park. This route is performed by buses from the Eastern depots (Waverly, Pt Botany and Randwick) and supplemented by buses from Leichhardt, Mona Vale and Brookvale depots. Some articulated buses are used. Due to overcrowding, there is now a note in the timetable that 891 services that begin from Gate 9 will now only pick up at Gate 3 if the bus is not full.

Route 895 Edit

This route runs alongside the 891 for most of the way. It also starts at Central Station Eddy Ave. It used to terminate at UNSW Anzac Pde, but now has been moved to UNSW High St Gate 3 due to the CSELR construction. It is also Prepay Only and is run mainly by buses from the Eastern depots. As of 13th Feb., it will now be renumbered 891 and will continue to start from Gate 3. Although this is very close to Gate 9, this is being done to reduce overcrowding at Gate 3 as the old 891 services will be full by the time they reach Gate 3.

From Circular Quay Edit

Route 890/2 Edit

These two routes both run from Circular Quay to UNSW Gate 9. Route 890 is for the outbound direction (ie. to UNSW). Route 892 is for the inbound direction (ie. to Circular Quay). The difference is that 890 stops at all stops and that route 892 runs express to Museum Station then all stops. Both routes are run by the Eastern Depots. These routes will no longer run from the 13th of Feb. due to CSELR construction.

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