Bustech VST 2607

Scania K280UB Bustech VST #2607 on route 423, operated by Kingsgrove Depot.

The Scania K280UB is currently the third newest model in the Sydney Buses fleet. These buses have air conditioning and LED display boards. They are also wheelchair accessible. The buses are seen with Cooltek air conditioning while Port Botany & Leichhardt depot has the buses with Coachair. VSTM are also fitted with Coachair air conditioners. They were delivered from 2013 to 2016. The VSTM's replaced the last of the O405 Mk5's at Waverly depot.

New Scania K310UB's were delivered to Port Botany and Leichardt by the end of 2016. They feature engine power and more standing space.

Design Edit

The bus has a relatively flat front, with a LED destination display. Instead of having low floor until the rear door, then two steps up to the back, this bus has a floor gradually slopes upwards. There is one step further back and then one more step to the rear seats. This causes the back door to have a step down to it, uncommon for a low floor bus. With the floor being higher than usual, the centre door is one row forward compared to the other buses.

The difference with the Bustech VSTM is that it is 11 metres and not 12 metres long. This is because some of the routes allocated to Waverly depot have tight turns and narrow roads, which can't be operated by 12m buses. Examples include route 355 (Bondi Jn to Marrickville Metro). The VSTMs can be identified by their single leaf rear door and slightly different window alignment at the back.

The two way to distinguish between the 280bhp and 310bhp buses is that the latter has a Coachair air conditioner while the former has a Cooltek air conditioner.

Service Edit

There are currently 127 Scania K280UB in service. They are numbered 2250, 2580-2670 and 2749 to 2810. They are located at Tempe, Leichhardt, Kingsgrove, Willoughby, Waverly and Port Botany.

From 2785 onwards, the buses actually have a Scania K310UB chassis, due to Scania ceasing production for their 280bhp engines. Scania K310UB units still look the same as the K280UB units.

Deliveries have stopped recently, with the current batch being allocated to Leichhardt depot. As of 17/12/16, 2811 to 2820 have been built. The current batch will end at 2824.

There are 27 VSTM's located at Waverley. They are numbered from 2671-2704.

Livery Edit

These buses are all in the Transport for NSW livery.