Volvo B12BLEA Euro 3
Volvo B12BLE Articulated


Custom Coaches 'CB60'


17.96 metres

Seating Capacity


Standing Capacity


Fuel type


Number in service


Depot locations

Brookvale(V), Mona Vale(F), Ryde(Y)

Delivered in


Fleet numbers

1661-1701, 1703, 1705-1742


The Volvo B12BLEA Euro 3 (also known as a 'Bendy' bus) is one of the articulated bus models used in the Sydney Buses fleet. They are wheelchair-accessible and air-conditioned with electronic destination displays.


80 of the B12BLEA buses (fleet numbers 1661-1701, 1703, 1705-1742) entered service in 2005-2006. They are located at Brookvale, Mona Vale and Ryde depots.

1695 was destroyed when an turbocharger failure caused a fire that destroyed the engine and most of the rear.


The buses are 17.96 metres long with Custom Coaches 'CB60' bodies. They are powered by the 12-litre Volvo DH12 diesel engine with 6-speed ZF 6HP602C automatic transmission. They have a seating capacity of 62 and a standing capacity of 26. They have Mobitec flipdot displays and THOREB controllers.


77 of the buses are painted in the Corporate v2 (blue and white) livery and two (1668, 1701) are painted in the Metrobus livery. Note that the destroyed 1695 is not included in these numbers. (It was in Corporate v2). The two buses in the Metrobus livery have an aesthetic lining on the top also seen on the Euro 5 versions of this bus.


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