This bus is most commonly seen on the Metrobus routes. It contains a wheelchair ramp and two Thermo King air conditioners with one on each carriage. Most of the buses are built in Volgren's Tomago factory while the rest were built in Dandenong. The buses with a Metrobus livery are fitted with Next Stop Aural and Visual announcement systems advising passengers of the next stop.

Service Edit

The buses can be seen on M10, M20, M30, M40, M50, Express, Limited Stops and some busier suburban routes. Some are used for school services, like the school 610e (Sydney High School to Central Stn). 150 of these buses were built.

Numbers are 2001, 2062-2067, 2072-2076, 2091-2100, 2128-2137, 2146-2151, 2159-2170, 2191-2197, 2201-2232, 2235-2245, 2257-2320, 2330-2346.

Specifications Edit

The chassis, the Volvo B12BLEA, was first designed by Volvo for Sydney Buses in 2005, because their existing bendy buses chassis (e.g. Volvo B7LA) were underpowered for Sydney's hilly roads. The bus is powered by Volvo's DH12E engine, meeting Euro 5 requirements. (The 12 indicates the engine's capacity of 12 litres)

Livery Edit

The liveries seen on this bus are Metrobus and TfNSW. The TfNSW livery is seen operating the popular non-Metrobus routes but also rarely operates Metrobus routes.

Bus 2226 is in a promotional livery for the high-frequency route 333. It was repainted from the Metrobus livery, and the red air conditioning pods can still be seen.