They are an updated version of the Volvo B12BLE Euro 3 now compliant with Euro 5 pollution ratings. They have a Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II body. They have wheelchair seats and air conditioning. They feature a kneeling suspension to help elderly people. They're designed to be quieter than the Euro 3 variant however in the end it can be just as loud. They have a Thermo King or Cooltek airconditioning unit at the front. Buses with a Cooltek A/C unit are growth buses added to the original order.

Some buses feature "free wifi". Buses that feature free wifi are only seen from Brookvale (V) and North Sydney (N).


A total of 270 were delivered. They are numbered from 1870-1889, 1910-1929, 1950-1969, 2003-2006, 2022-2025, 2028, 2035-2039, 2046-2049, 2059-2061, 2068-2071, 2077-2090, 2106, 2107, 2113-2122, 2128-2140, 2154-2158, 2179-2184, 2218-2220,  2233, 2249, 2251-2255, 2285-2289, 2306-2309, 2321, 2322, 2326-2329, 4832, 4833, 4835-4867, 4904, 4906, 4907, 4909-4922, 4924-4929, 4931-4940, 4942, 4945-4958, 4960-4974, 4975-4978, 4980-4983, 4985, 4987-4999.

Specifications Edit

These buses are on a Volvo B12BLE chassis, with the 12 litre Volvo DH12E340 12.130L 6-Cylinder Turbocharged Intercooled SCR Euro 5 Diesel engine. 1870 - 1889 and a few of these Buses in the 19-- Series have 4-Speed Voith DIWA D864.5 Automatic transmissions while the remainder have 6-Speed ZF 6HP604C Automatic transmissions.

All buses, except fleet number 4994, feature the standard seating layout of B44DW (Standard Bus Seating Cap. 44 Front and Centre Doors Wheelchair Accessible), with only a single seat above the wheel well on the left side and 3 folding wheelchair seats on each side. Bus no. 4994 has a special high capacity seating layout designed for Sydney's first Metrobus route 10. Both sets of wheelchair seats are moved to the right side of the bus, with 2 single seats and a longitudinal 2-seater on the left side. All buses have McConnell Urban seats.


These buses are painted in corporate v2, Metrobus and the TfNSW livery.