They are an updated version of the Volvo B12BLE Euro 3 now compliant with Euro 5 pollution ratings. They have a Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II body. They have wheelchair seats and air conditioning. They feature a kneeling suspension to help elderly people. They're designed to be quieter than the Euro 3 variant however in the end it can be just as loud. They have a Thermo King or Cooltek airconditioning unit at the front. Buses with a Cooltek A/C unit are growth buses added to the original order.

Some buses feature "free wifi". Buses that feature free wifi are only seen from Brookvale (V) and North Sydney (N).


A total of 270 were delivered. They are numbered from 1870-1929, 1950-1969, 2003-2006, 2022-2025, 2028, 2035-2039, 2046-2049, 2059-2061, 2068-2071, 2077-2090, 2106-2107, 2113-2122, 2128-2140, 2154-2158, 2179-2184, 2218-2220,  2233, 2249, 2251-2255, 2285-2289, 2306-2309, 2321-2322, 2326-2329, 4832-4833, 4835-4867, 4904, 4906-4907, 4909-4922, 4924-4929, 4931-4940, 4942, 4945-4946, 4947-4958, 4960-4974, 4975-4978, 4980-4983, 4985, 4987-4999.

Specifications Edit

These buses are on a Volvo B12BLE chassis, with the 12 litre Volvo DH12E engine.

All buses, except fleet number 4994, feature the standard seating layout, with only a single seat above the wheel well on the left side and 3 folding wheelchair seats on each side. Bus no. 4994 has a special high capacity seating layout designed for Sydney's first Metrobus route 10. Both sets of wheelchair seats are moved to the right side of the bus, with 2 single seats and a longitudinal 2-seater on the left side. All buses have McConnell Urban seats.


These buses are painted in corporate v2, Metrobus and the TfNSW livery.

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