This bus is very similar to the Scania K280UB Custom CB80, with the only difference being that it has a different chassis and engine. Like the Scania, it has 8 wheelchair spaces consisting of 2x2 seat joined on each side. Flipdot destination displays can be found on the front, side and rear, except for the newest batch (from 2825) at Ryde depot, which has white LED destination displays, a sleeker Spheros air conditioning unit and tinted windows.

Differences to the Scania K280UB Edit

  • Airconditioner made by Denso
  • Airconditioner is further forward
  • Extra small engine grillle on both nearside and offside

Service Edit

This bus can be found on Northern Sydney and also the Eastern Suburbs. They are at Ryde, North Sydney, Randwick and Brookvale. They are numbered 2347-2377, 2421-2440, 2493-2521, 2536-2545, 2570-2579 and onwards from 2825 (new batch). All are registered on ST plates.

Specifications Edit

This bus is powered by a 7.1 litre Volvo D7E diesel engine, producing 290bhp. It has a Denso or Spherous airconditioner, which is different in that it is further forward than other AC units and that it has a front grille.

Paint Edit

All of these buses are in the Transport for NSW livery (light blue and white), which is the livery for all new buses.

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